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Is rental property investment right for you? Could it help you create wealth now so that you are secure when you reach retirement? More and more NZers realise that the answer is yes!

But, what investment strategy should you use? Should you get a new build or an existing property? What about Airbnb? Or maybe a commercial building? Should you do some house-flipping?

That's where we come in. Talk to us today about your rental property needs and your future. Call us now on 099730706

We incorporated EpsomTax.com Limited as a boutique specialist property accounting firm in 2008. We currently have about 35 staff on the team, a mix of chartered accountants, accounting technicians and processing staff.

Formerly in Epsom, we now have a presence in Parnell, Botany Downs, and Papakura. We also have offices in the Bay of Plenty and Christchurch.

Our People

To contact any one of the team please see the phone directory on our contact page, or use the contact form to email us.

Some of our key staff are listed below.

Garreth Collard

Garreth has been the Executive Director of the EpsomTax.com group of companies since 2008, and has over 25 years of experience in accounting. 

Periodically quoted in OneRoof and NZ Herald, he himself is an experienced property investor and cryptocurrency investor. Contact Garreth today or call 0800890132 xtn 2

Who Are Our Clients?

We care for the rental property tax returns of many hundreds of Kiwis just like you; in fact, over 99% of our clients have investment property.

EpsomTax.com In The News

"The reason amateur flippers not professionals have been hit is that the bright line test doesn’t affect traders, who are already paying income tax on their capital gains anyway, says Garreth Collard, property accountant at EpsomTax.com." - OneRoof
"Garreth Collard, founder of Auckland-based company EpsomTax.com, says lifestyle change was the main reason he took the plunge to focus fully on his accountancy firm, which specialises in the residential property sector." - NZ Herald 
"Write your business case, choose a business name, get down and open a bank account, and start networking, says Collard." - NZ Herald
"Our Spotlight series highlights the careers and lives of tax professionals across the globe. This week’s spotlight is on Garreth Collard, a property accountant who [specializes] in rental investment property." - Bloomberg
"Anyone who is serious about their crypto investing and wants to trade in particular should seek advice from an accountant about holding those investments in a separate entity, rather than their own name, says Collard. It keeps their trading and any other forms of investment separate." - NZ Herald

Why Use EpsomTax.com?

Good question. Here are five key features and benefits of using EpsomTax.com as your investment accountants / rental property tax accountants:

  • Total Online Service. Benefit: Ease of use, flexibility, and security of cloud-based systems
  • Residential Property Specialists. Benefit: Optimise tax management and savings.
  • Fixed Annual Fee. Benefit: certainty which allows you to budget more easily
  • Boutique Firm with Remote Workforce. Benefit: Lower overheads mean lower prices whilst still retaining high standards/quality of service
  • Personalised & Customer-Centric Service. Benefit: You talk to the owners directly.

What Our Clients Say

​I just wish all the people I dealt with made business as easy as you guys do. I love that everything is well explained, online, response times are within minutes or hours and you use workflow to process activities

- Jonti Rhodes

Our Mottos

  1. Do the good thing, not just the right thing
  2. Better to ask twice than assume

Our Vision

To be a firm that (1) views its clients as people, and not as dollar signs, (2) gives great advice that makes the lives of its clients a little bit better, and (3) looks after and cares for its staff.

In other words, the purpose of the Company is to deliver returns to shareholders whilst having an overall positive impact on society and the environment.

Mission Statement

EpsomTax.com will provide a reliable and professional property accounting service, by keeping up to date with relevant current tax policies and the New Zealand investment property market, and by delivering customer service which is timely, down-to-earth, and honest.

Community Work

As a firm, we want to make sure that we give back to the community. About half of our team of ~35 spend 1-3 days every week helping as unpaid volunteers in their local community, usually in social/humanitarian work. It's just another way we can help our communities.


EpsomTax.com is an MYOB Connected Accounting Partner and a Xero Gold Partner. Our accounting staff are all either Xero-certified or working towards it. Contact us to arrange your free 30-day trial sub for either service.

We also love Cashbook Complete, which is a quick and easy to use Windows based cashbook for small companies. Get a free 90-day trial here, then contact us to purchase.

We keep up with the latest developments in tax law and the property accounting arena by means of webinars and seminars.

EpsomTax.com is a member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.  Our executive director is a member of the Institute of Directors and abides by its code of conduct for directors. We also abide by the XERO Code of Conduct.  Please see our Data Privacy policy.

At EpsomTax.com, we try our best to be environmentally friendly. How so? We shred and recycle instead of printing mountains of paper and we don’t store paper records. We meet via video-conferencing wherever possible and use apps, email and telephone to communicate.

Why? If we don't have to drive to see each other and do all that printing and use so much power, then we reduce pollution a little. It's the little things that each one of us does each and every day that help to save the planet.

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Phone: 0800-890-132
Email: support@epsomtax.com
Fax: +64 28-255-08279

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