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Help and advice for your rental property tax.  You don't want a general accountant: you need a specialist, an investment property tax accountant!

Call or email us now about how to grow your wealth and reduce your tax.

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LTC/Company setup

Ready to incorporate your company or LTC now? Click this link

If you would like to read a bit more about the merits of the various structures, see this article or contact us

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Airbnb® taxes

Is there tax on Airbnb income in NZ? Yes. The laws are complicated but you can reduce tax by claiming expenses.

Read about the ins and outs, and the pitfalls, or contact us now for help with your Airbnb accounting.

About Us Limited® are investment property tax accountants, specialists in investment tax and rental property tax accounting. Auckland-based, we have offices in ParnellBotany DownsPapakuraBay of Plenty and Christchurch.
We’ve been helping rental property investors like you for over 16 years. How can we help you? Click the link below or contact us today
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LTC, Company & Partnership formation

Look-Through Companies (LTCs), standard limited liability companies, partnerships and trusts each have distinct pros and cons. Which is right for you? Contact us today to review your situation. We will discuss your unique circumstances with you, and then help you form the best structure for your investment properties or business


Managed Funds & Cryptocurrencies

Expert advice on:

  • what is cryptocurrency?
  • should it be part of your portfolio?
  • how do you buy it? sell it?
  • is it risky?
  • is it taxable?

See our YouTube interview or contact us today.

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Tax returns & financial statements | Consults

We prepare end-of-year financial statements and tax returns: Are you claiming everything that you should?  What things should you steer clear of on your tax returns? 

Should you hold or sell? Should you restructure? If so, how and when? Is a #newbuild right for you? Will you be caught by the Brightline Test? etc



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