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What is the best rental property ownership structure? LTC? Trust? Partnership? Something else? Read our article to see the features of each or contact us for advice.

There are a myriad of different property tax laws that come into play, depending on your circumstances: Can you offset losses from one rental property against profits from another? Is house flipping still "a thing"? Is there tax on Airbnb income in NZ? Should I get a #newbuild or an existing rental property? Here's an overview that we wrote for Bachcare about interest deductibility on holiday homes.

So, yes, a lot to think about. Don't panic though! We are experts in property tax, and here to help. Call us now: 099730706 or drop us a line


Cryptocurrency, Managed Funds & Overseas Pension Transfers

Should cryptocurrencies be part of your portfolio? How much should you buy? How do you buy? What should you buy? What are the risks? Is it taxable? Watch our YouTube interview

What about managed funds? What are they?  Is it safe? How does it compare to property? Are all providers the same? 

Should I transfer my overseas pension to NZ? When? How? Will I be taxed and if so, how much? Read our comments here

company incorporation

Companies & Partnerships

To incorporate a company, please click here.  To setup a partnership, each partner should complete this link. We will then contact you to discuss the partnership and draw up an agreement. For an overview of the pros and cons of different structures, see this article

Year-End Financials & Tax Returns

We prepare and file annual financial statements and tax returns for companies, LTCs, trusts, partnerships, sole traders and individuals. Our clients live throughout NZ, Australia, USA, Europe, Middle East etc. Contact us now for a quote or call 0800890132


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